Friday, February 3, 2012

New recruits have arrived

Thanks to a friendly Bartertown trader, the ranks of both the Baden-Hundsheim and Formulgalan armies are beginning to swell.

This afternoon I took possession of enough unpainted 15mm figures to field five new battalions of infantry, including two of grenadiers and one of pandours (who may be painted as "turkish" recruits from Baden-Hundsheim's Southern reaches...they do look a fair bit like the Ottoman Nizam-e-Cedid already in the ranks). Also in the box were enough horsemen to field three regiments of cavalry (after doing a few head-swops) and enough guns and crew to add eight pieces of artillery to the collection (four to each army). Four of the five infantry battalions will be somewhat short-handed, consisting of four stands of six figures each rather than the usual five stands, but they will serve well. And I have no doubt that what the grenadiers lack in numbers they will make up in stature and bravado.

As an added bonus, some of these new figures were, unexpectedly, Jeff Valent "Washington's Wars" infantry in an advancing pose. As noted in a previous post, these figures already make up the bulk of my Formulgalan army. What a nice surprise it was to find myself in position to add another battalion.

More as the raw recruits become properly uniformed and taught to stand in their ranks.

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