Friday, February 10, 2012

"I have always depended on the kindness..."

of good friends (to paraphrase Mae West).

A very close friend gave me a really amazing gift, after reading my post on creating a portable wargame: a large vinyl Chessex game mat, with hexes on one side and squares on the other, a set of dry-erase markers, and a set of game dice in purple to match the uniform coats of Baden-Hundsheim.

I'm deeply touched. This gift was thoughtful and supporting and very, very much appreciated.

And, the timing was perfect. I just learned that I'll be heading out on an overnight business trip in a couple of weeks. An excellent opportunity to bring the new mat and try a game on the go.

To that end, what little gaming time I have has been put toward finishing my paper Napoleonic figures. They're already printed and ready to be assembled, which puts them well ahead of the 18th century paper miniatures I'm working on (more on that soon). So, for now, Baden-Hundsheim and Formulgala will take to the field in red and blue.

Thank you, my dear friend. I appreciate this gift more than I can say.


  1. Will, the CHESSEX site says to use "wet-erase" overhead projector pens and NOT dry erase pens. Please check . . . here is the URL:

    Also from personal experience, red is the worst color for staining the mats . . . be sure to wipe it off soon after use.

    -- Jeff

    PS, it is indeed a wonderful gift.

  2. Jeff, I keep meaning to come back to this one. In my haste, I just called the markers dry-erase. In fact, my very kind friend did their homework, and bought the proper pens direct from Chessex. Thanks of the note on the red pen. I'll test each in the margin of the mat.


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